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Rent a Brik

Welcome to Rent a Brik, the car rental company in Amsterdam that

specializes in Opel.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle to have a weekend getaway or to travel to a holiday destination, we can cater to your preferences.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle to have a weekend getaway or to travel to a holiday destination, we can cater to your preferences.

“At Rent a Brik you can rent kilometer-free at the lowest price.”

- Google Reviews

Rent a Vehicle

At Rent a Brik you can book a car cheaply and easily.

About us

Rent a Brik has the lowest price in Amsterdam.


You can always contact us for questions or more information.

Our vehicle rental services

The formula of Rent a Brik car rental is simple and clear:

Renting a car at a fixed pre-agreed price,

without additional kilometers or other costs upon return.

Who are we?

Rent a Brik Car Rental is a rental company located in Amsterdam Southeast. We have been active since 1988 and have developed over the years into a professional and reliable rental company.

We offer a wide selection of high quality passenger cars, station wagons and cargo vans for rental. Our passenger cars are of the Opel brand and our cargo buses are of the Fiat brand.

All our vehicles are used cars that have proven their functionality and reliability. They are regularly serviced to ensure they are in top condition for your ride.

The cheapest rental car in Amsterdam can be found at Rent a Brik.

Are you looking for an affordable transportation solution for your next trip or business meeting?

At Rent a Brik Car Rental you can rent the Opel Corsa for € 49 per day including VAT and insurance, with unlimited kilometers. Our Corsas are compact and high-performance vehicles that are perfect for city driving or short distances.

Guarantee of quality

At Rent a Brik Car Rental we attach great importance to the safety and reliability of our vehicles. That is why all our cars are equipped with international 24-hour roadside assistance. So you can have confidence in a safe and hassle-free ride, no matter where you go.

Rent a Vehicle

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Need repair?

Visit Gerrit's Garage.

Rent a Brik is part of a garage company specialized in repair and restoration of Opels. Thanks to our many years of automotive experience and restoration of classic cars, Rent a Brik can offer you a reliable fleet at a competitive price.

All our rental cars are regularly checked, maintained and, if necessary, repaired in our own workshop. This allows us to continuously monitor the technical condition of the car and we can also keep costs low.


Bullewijkpad 27

1102 LB Amsterdam South East

Telephone: 020-6910411

Business center Hakfort

Bullewijk metro station

Opening hours

Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m

Sat – Sun Closed