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Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable car or cargo van for your next trip or business trip? Then you have come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of Opel passenger cars and Fiat Ducato cargo buses that are available for reservation.

Our Opel passenger cars are the ideal choice for both business and personal trips. With their spacious interior and modern technologies, they ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Our Fiat Ducato cargo vans are the perfect choice for transporting large quantities of goods or for moving things. With their spacious loading space and sturdy construction, you can rely on these cargo vans to transport your goods in a safe and reliable manner.

Contact us today to make a reservation or learn more about our rental options.

We are happy to help you find the perfect car or cargo van for your next trip or project!

The Opel Corsa is a compact and economical car that is perfect for city driving or short distances. With its sporty looks and modern technologies, the Corsa is also a popular choice for personal rides. The Opel Astra, on the other hand, is a more spacious and more powerful car that is suitable for long distances or the transport of several people. With its comfortable interior and comprehensive safety features, the Astra is a great choice for both business and personal travel.

For the transport of large quantities of goods or moving things, we offer the Fiat Ducato cargo van. This cargo van has a spacious loading area and sturdy construction, giving you confidence in the safety of your goods during transport. In addition, the Ducato is equipped with modern technologies and comfortable driving characteristics, so that you will feel comfortable even on long journeys.